03/2021 - v2.32 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • PDF annotation - We have upgraded the feature with latest PDF updates. Clients will see improvements to the user interface and will now benefit from the new features such as search files/comments and annotation time stamps.

  • Firm templates - users will now be able to edit their firm template names from the “Manage Templates” page.

  • Office Online Datafields - new sets of datafields are now available. You can find the latest Datafields template in our help centre.

  • New Accounting Structures (available from 22/03/2021)

    • [UK] - New 2020 Accounting Structure - available for Year End and periodic files

    • [AU] - Reckon XPA APS Accounting Structure - available for Year End and periodic files

  • [UK] - Completion reports section for Key Accounting Estimates have been enabled for Mercia templates

Bug Fixes

  • Mercia’s Charity and Academy files - Materiality figures have now been fixed. Benchmarks will now pull in and display correct figures from Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

  • Custom Accounting Structures - The lead schedule dropdown in trial balance will now display the list in an ascending order according to the references instead of lead schedule name.

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