04/2021 - Word Data Fields

The recent introduction of the Word Data Fields feature enables firms to take advantage of streamline the letter and report creation by enabling the information to be populated into these document from the MyWorkpapers database. As a result of this we have also updated the Example Documents section of our Help centre.

The documents can be downloaded from this location and added to any MyWorkpapers file. Apply the data fields and the document will automatically be populated with the available information.

The list of documents includes:

  • Audit - Whole of Firm Compliance.docx

  • Audit - Engagement Level Compliance.docx

  • Audit Report - Compliance Framework.docx

  • Audit Report - Corps Act.docx

  • Audit Report - Special Purpose - Not Corporations Act 2001.docx

  • Bank Confirmation - General.docx

  • Bank Confirmation - Treasury and other operations.docx

  • Bank Confirmation letter.docx

  • Ethical Letter.docx

  • Engagement letter.docx

  • Legal Representation letter.docx

  • Permission to Contact Existing Audit Firm.docx

  • Written Representation Letter.docx

We will be adding more documents to this list along with the standard documents within our Industry templates, including the replacement of Livedocs with the new Word documents and data fields.

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