04/2021 - v2.33 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Firm Portal - The firm portal is now available for Audit and SMSF file types and enables the Auditor to communicate and collaborate with an external firm.

    • [AU] - The "SMSF Adminstrator portal" feature has been renamed to "External Firm Portal" to reflect it’s expanded use, however the functionality remains the same.

    • A new feature “Digital Document Transfer” has been added as part of this change which enables the External firm (Administrator in Australia for SMSF) to transfer supporting documents from their own MWP client to the Firm Portal and make the documents available to the auditor.

  • [AU] - Reports Pack:

    • UI/UX improvement

      • Bulk send documents: Users can specify the folder for each report and send multiple documents in bulk to the Working Paper Index.

      • Report Type: A new column has been made available to assist with sorting the different report types (This only applies to Class at present).

    • Class Super Reports: - The following reports can now be imported from the Class API:

      • Members Detailed Transaction Report

      • Members Summary Report

      • Investment Summary - General Ledger

      • Investment Movement and Returns Report

      • Compilation Report

      • Activity Statement Summary

      • Annual Return - Losses Schedule

      • Annual Return - CGT Schedule

      • Annual Return

      • Statement of Taxable Income

      • PAYG Income Stream Summary

      • Market Price Audit Report

      • Investment Income Comparison Report

      • Notes to the Financial Statements

  • Word Datafields - New datafields are now available. You can find the latest Datafields template in our help centre.

  • PDF Annotation:

    • Clients will now be able to edit link or change colours of the Workpaper references added in the PDF files

    • Save button within the edit mode has been removed. Annotations will be saved automatically when user exits the edit mode


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