External Firm Portal Guide


  1. Introducing MyWorkpapers 
  2. How does MyWorkpapers affect me as the External Firm? 
  3. How will MyWorkpapers save me time? 
  4. How and when do I access MyWorkpapers? 
  5. How do I respond to queries? 
    1. Retrieving or resetting your password 
    2. Logging in 
    3. Viewing notifications 
    4. Responding to queries 
    5. Upload documents requested by your Auditor 
    6. Notifying the Auditor of your query responses

Introducing MyWorkpapers

As an External Firm User of an Audit firm using MyWorkpapers, you have received this guide to assist you in accessing and using the External Firm Portal feature of the MyWorkpapers software.

MyWorkpapers is cloud-based software designed to be used by Auditors completing financial Audits. Being cloud-based, it enables users (including fund administrators) to access the software anytime, anywhere from any device.

One of the features of the MyWorkpapers is the Administrator-Auditor communication tool or portal. This tool is designed to allow Auditors to communicate seamlessly and efficiently with their External Firm. It provides an email notification system and a special External Firm login that allows you to respond to Auditor queries and provide the required documentation for the audit.

This guide provides a detailed explanation of the features and functions that will enable you to collaborate efficiently with your auditor using the External Firm Portal.

How does MyWorkpapers affect me as the External Firm?

MyWorkpapers is designed to improve the speed and efficiency with which you can provide documentation to your Auditor, and receive and respond to their queries.

There are several process changes that your Auditor will discuss with you. Not all of these are critical to implementing MyWorkpapers but should be considered to ensure the most effective use of the software.

1. Providing all supporting documents in electronic format (if not already doing so)

2. Providing Auditor login access to your SMSF Administration software (if using Class Super/BGL SimpleFund 360/SuperMate). This will enable your auditor to directly import fund details and trial balance data directly into the audit file.

3. Providing an electronic trial balance file in excel format (BGL Simplefund, Reckon Desktop Super, other accounting software).

4. Uploading electronic documents directly into the MyWorkpapers External Firm Portal

5. Responding to Auditor queries using the MyWorkpapers External Firm Portal

How will MyWorkpapers save me time?

Using the MyWorkpapers External Firm Portal saves you time:

• It is an efficient and convenient way to supply supporting documents to your Auditor.
• It is also an efficient way to respond to and track queries raised by the Auditor across your Audits.

Utilising the portal will enable the Auditor to keep communications with you concise and to a minimum. It enables queries and responses to be recorded and tracked, ensuring your audits are completed in a timely manner.

How and when do I access MyWorkpapers?

Your Auditor will complete all required setup tasks to enable you to access MyWorkpapers. You can access MyWorkpapers to upload documents and respond to queries as and when you are notified by your Auditor.

How do I respond to queries?

When your auditor has raised any issues for your action, an email will be generated by MyWorkpapers and sent to your email inbox.  The email will advise you of:

  • The name of the Client's file
  • The name of the Auditor who sent the request
  • Your login details

Upon the receipt of your first notification, you will have to use the ‘forgot your password’ function, to create your unique password.

Retrieving or resetting your password

If you need to retrieve your password or have forgotten your password, simply:

1. Go to (AU) / (UK)
2. Click on the Forgot your password button

 Note: The firm username and your username will be provided in your email notification

Fill in your Firm Username and your Username


3. Click Continue

4. Your username and password will be emailed to you

Logging in

Once you have reset your password, you can now log in to MyWorkpapers. Simply:

1. Go to (AU) / (UK)

2. On the Login page, enter your Firm Username, Email Address, and Password as per the email you received and click Login

 Note: Upon initial login, change your password for security reasons and to also make remembering your password easier

3. You will now be taken to the External Firm Portal landing page.
The landing page provides a list of files for which audits have been commenced, queries made available to you, and provide some summary information regarding their progress.

4. Make sure the correct year-end is selected. If not, you can Choose period via the dropdown menu.


Viewing notifications

To view the queries outstanding on the file, simply:

1. Select the File name or the hyperlink displayed in the To Complete column on the audit file you are interested in.

Responding to queries

Type your responses directly into the reply box, and select reply. Your responses will be immediately visible to the auditor within the audit file.


Upload documents requested by your auditor

You can upload documents for your auditor by simply dragging and dropping them anywhere onto the query page. MyWorkpapers allows you to drag and drop multiple documents (you can also create a zip folder of all the uploaded documents for external storage if required), you can also choose to browse for your files and upload them.


Notifying the auditor of your query responses

At the bottom of the page, select the Notify Audit firm button:



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