Sage Accounting: Journal Entries Export

To export your journal entry adjustments to Sage Accounting, simply:

  1. Select the adjustment section(s) that you want to export then click on the Export button > Export to Sage Accounting;
    Note: You will not be able to export adjustments that do not meet the requirements.

  2. A login window will pop up. Enter your Sage Accounting login details to connect;
    Note: Where applicable, you may be required to enter a security code for Multi-Factor Authentication.

  3. Review your selected journal adjustment(s);
    Note: Please read the "Important information" section for further restrictions and information.

  4. Once you are happy with your selections, click on "Continue to Export" button;

  5. Your selected journal adjustments will be displayed with a success or fail export message; 

Important Information:

  • Adjustments will not be included in the VAT return in Sage Accounting. If required, please update the journal in Sage after the export.
  • Re-exporting adjustments will override previously exported adjustment sections.
  • Bank accounts cannot be corrected, nor can Control or tax ledger accounts.
  • Custom Ledger accounts that cannot be located in Sage Accounting will fail to export.
  • Any journal entries previously exported to Sage Accounting cannot be re-exported if the journals have been edited on Sage. Please update all journals in MyWorkpapers.

Requirements for journal adjustments:

  • Adjustment sections must be balanced. Total debits must equal total credits.
  • Journal entries must have an amount set either on Debit or Credit. You cannot export blank journals.
  • Journal adjustments must be set to the "Adjusted" type.
  • Description and Comments must not include the characters: '{' and '}' as Sage will reject them.

Note: In order to use this feature, your user role must have the permission to "Export Journal Entries to Third Parties". To learn more about permissions, click here.


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