09/2021 - v2.37 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • PDF Custom Stamp: Users will now be able to create their own custom stamps with Name, date and time display and add them to their PDF documents.

Bug Fixes

  • Review Point references: Deleting workpapers (from recycling bin) referenced against a review point will no longer delete the review point. The Reference field will be left empty if workpaper is deleted from file.

  • Archived Files: “My Files” section will no longer hide archived files.

  • Copy workpapers: File Templates will no longer change when copying workpapers from another file or a template.

  • Edit workpaper: Ability to add sub procedures have been added back.

  • [AU] Clients: Trustee Structure dropdown was missing the “Corporate” option. This is now fixed.

  • [AU] Report Pack: Trial Balance imports made using Class API was failing to enable the Report Pack. This has been resolved.

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