Class Super (Zip File): Importing the Trial Balance and Reports

This is a help guide for firms who wish to import Clients from Class Super using a manual import process within the MyWorkpapers application. 

For steps on how to Export Reports from Class Super, please see our help guide here.

Import Class Reports into MyWorkpapers

Once you have exported the Reports Package from Class Super, follow the steps below to import them into MyWorkpapers:

Trial Balance import

  1. Go to the Trial Balance page in the relevant file and select the "Class .zip" option
  2. Upload the zip folder exported from Class
    Note: the zip folder must include the Trial Balance report in xml file
  3. Step 2 will display the preview of the Trial Balance accounts
    Note: user can select to delete existing trial balance data from this step

  4. Once review of the data is complete, import the Trial Balance through the "Import" button
  5. Step 3 will display the preview of the Lead Schedules and Summaries added to the filemceclip3.png

  6. Trial Balance is now successfully imported with the Accounting Structure applied and auto-mapped

Report Pack Import after Trial Balance

Following the import of the Trial Balance, Reports included in the zip folder can be uploaded into the file through the "Import Report Pack documents" button.


Once Trial Balance has been imported, follow the steps below to import the reports:

  1. Click on the "Import Report Pack documents" button
  2. A window displays all documents included in the Report Package uploaded in Step 1 of the TB import.
  3. Select the relevant documents and set the appropriate folders for each document
    Note: Documents without a folder selection will be added to the Default Folder
  4. Once the documents and folders have been set, click on Bulk Send Documents to WPI
  5. All selected documents should are added to the File in the set Folders

Report Packs import from Working Paper Index

If you want to import the report packs in your file without importing the Trial Balance, you can do this through the "Upload Zip Folder" button in the Working Paper Index. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. In the Working Paper Index, click on "Upload Zip Folder" button

  2. Upload the Repork Package exported from Class
    Note: You can use this feature to upload any zip folder with supporting documents

  3. Once the zip folder has been uploaded, the documents will be displayed in a window where you can send them to appropriate folders (same as above).

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