Class Super (Zip File): Importing Clients

This is a help guide for firms who wish to import Clients from Class Super using a manual import process within the MyWorkpapers application. 

For steps on how to Export funds from Class Super, please see our help guide here.

Import Class Funds into MyWorkpapers

Once you have exported your funds from Class Super, follow the steps below to import them into MyWorkpapers:

  1. Go to the Clients page (My Files > Clients) and click on the "Import Clients" button
  2. Select the "Class .zip" button under "Import from file" section
  3. Upload the zip folder exported from Class
  4. Once the zip folder is uploaded, all funds available in the folder will be displayed

  5. Select the appropriate funds
    Note: Default External Firm can also be attached at this step of the import.
  6. Select the appropriate External Firm (if applicable) and click "Import funds now"
  7. Your funds are now imported in MyWorkpapers as clients
    mceclip12.pngNote: this step will display all imported and/or skipped funds. For any funds identified as "similar", you can merge or create the fund as a new client.

Next Steps: see Class Super (Zip File): Exporting the Trial Balance and Reports

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