Import Clients via CSV

To import clients into MyWorkpapers, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Clients page and click on the "Import Clients" buttonmceclip0.png
  2. Select the "Custom CSV" button in the window
  3. Upload the CSV file
    Note: download the template attached to the bottom of this page
  4. Once the CSV has been uploaded, the clients will be displayed in a table. Select the relevant client and click "Import clients now"
  5. List of successfully imported clients will be displayed
  6. For any clients that are detected as similar to the existing client, users will be able to either merge or create the client as new.
  7. You can compare the similar client's details through the "Compare full details" button
  8. "Link & Merge" will override the existing client's details with the imported client. All files attached to the existing client will remain attached.
    Please note that blank fields on the client being imported will remove the existing information in the existing client's details.
  9. "Create new client" will create a new client and import all relevant information.


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