Class Super (Zip File): Exporting Clients

IMPORTANT: this article assumes that the Class Super Administrator has setup the required Report Packages in Class. For more information see Class Super (Zip File): Administrators guide to setting up Report Packages

You can import Class Super clients into MyWorkpapers using a Zip file.

To create the zip file and export a list of client funds from Class Super, please follow the steps below:

  1. Using your Auditor account, log into Class Super
  2. From the “Business” view, go to “Reports > Maintain Report Packages

  3. There should be a Report Package named "MWP Client Export" in the left-hand "Report Packages" list.

    1. Note: you and your administrator may have agreed on a different name for this report package.

  4. If you cannot find the required package speak to your administrator and ensure that they have followed the Class Super (Zip File): Administrators guide to setting up Report Packages.
  5. After you have selected the Report Package, click the “Run” button to display the fund selection screen.

  6. In the pop up window, select the funds you want to import as clients into MyWorkpapers

  7. Once the appropriate funds have been added, click the “Run” button on the pop-up. If you have selected a large number of funds, this may take some time to run.

  8. You can wait for the Report Package to complete or you can come back later and click on the "History" tab. The status field will change from "In Progress" to "Successful" when the package has completed.  

  9. Once the Report Package run is complete, select the package and click on the download icon - this will download the zip file ready for you to import into MyWorkpapers.

Next Steps: see Class Super (Zip File): Importing Clients

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