11/2021 - v2.40 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Drag & drop supporting documents - ability to drag & drop documents from anywhere in the workpaper has been restored

  • Minor UI updates

  • [AU]: Class Super Client Import

    • Merge and link is now available on existing clients

    • Trustees and Members import clean ups

    • Members' AU resident column Yes/No

    • Trustee Structure will be set accordingly (i.e. Individual or Corporate)

    • GST Details import enhancements

  • [AU]: Class Super Trial Balance / Reports Pack Import

    • Minor UI updates on previews

    • Quantity pulled into Lead Schedules/Summaries - now displays the Market values

Bug Fixes

  • Zip upload documents - Supporting documents are sent to the correct folders in the Working Paper Index

  • Drag & dropping a document in a Folder in the Working Paper Index will no longer navigate users to the top of the page

  • Clients page:

    • Alphabet paginator issue has been fixed

    • External Firms will no longer be displayed in the Clients page to avoid confusion

  • File Sign-offs updates are now saving and being displayed correctly in the WPI

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