12/2021 - v2.41 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Minor UI/UX updates on following areas:

    • Creating new files: removed the User agreement mandatory checkbox when creating new files

    • Working Paper Index File dropdown option: Exit file

    • Adding Supporting Document via “New Workpaper” feature will now show a loading bar and direct users to the new workpapers

    • Roles & Permissions page

    • Monthly files Trial Balance page improved for archived files

  • Terms: Users can now access MyWorkpapers Terms page through Users Profile and/or the Firm Settings page

Bug Fixes

  • Supporting Documents Workpaper Titles: Updates made to document/versions will no longer affect the document workpaper title

  • Journals Entries Total amount: Total amounts are now calculated correctly for journals imported from IRIS Accounts Production

  • [AU] Clients: “Trust Accounts” information within the Client’s Details are now being saved

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