02/2022 - v22.1.0 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • File’s Status dropdown list will now expand/collapse when clicking on the Status button in the Working Paper Index
  • Documents can be replaced using the Drag & Drop function within the “Replace” window in the supporting document workpapers

  • Firm Settings: Template types within the Tickmarks section has been removed so that it will no longer be required to select individual tickmarks for files under specific template types. All active Tickmarks will now be available for all files

  • Excel Datafields: Ability to re-apply datafields into excel worksheets which will inject the most up to date information in the excel document

  • Email notifications: Minor layout updates

  • Clients page: Minor UI/UX improvements

  • Centralised Template Type names across application (i.e. Filters, new file/template dropdown options)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where closing documents (office online) edit mode refreshed all document workpapers tabs

  • [AU] - Workflow Manager:

    • Fixed the bug where bulk file creation was only creating file of first client from the group selected

    • Fixed a bug where file creation fails if client has no files

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