03/2022 - v22.2.0 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Firm Templates: All Firm templates must now be linked to an Industry Template to allow file creation to work against appropriate subscription. Existing firm templates are linked to default Industry Templates. See more on the "Manage Templates - updates" article.

  • Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet: Initial and Adjustment columns have been added. Users will be able to view "Interim" figures by selecting the "Display Interim Values" from the settings cog icon.

  • Datafields: New sets of datafields are now available. You can find the latest template in the Example Documents page.
  • [AU] - Workflow Manager - Bulk file creation will now apply default External Firms (set within Clients page) to the files

  • Minor UI/UX improvements

Bug Fixes

  • External Firms page: (Partner) signed off files were hidden by default. This is now resolved so all unarchived files will now display as expected. Archived files will display when the “Archived files” button is used.

  • Xero import: Trial Balance display issue on accounts without an account code. This is now fixed.

  • [UK] - A32 Accounts Disclosure Checklist Summary (template: “Republic of Ireland - Limited Companies 2021.05”) failed to save information. This has been fixed.

  • [AU] - Class Manual Trial Balance Import was failing to pull in the Quantity which failed to calculate the Market values within the LS/LSS. This has now been fixed.

  • [AU] - Workflow Manager:

    • Bulk file was only creating file of the first selected client. This has now been fixed.

    • Bulk file creation failed when selecting client without any files. This is now fixed.

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