04/2022 - v22.3.0 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Workflow Manager - Team Filter is now working as expected when selecting “Show files not yet started”

  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet - We have added a “Variance” column which will display the difference in figures between the Current Final Year and Prior Year.

  • Copy workpapers - Users will no longer be able to copy workpapers from templates/files from a template that is different to the file. Users will be able to continue to import/copy workpapers from following:

    • The file’s template

    • Firm templates linked to the file’s template

    • All other files created using the file’s template (with correct permissions)

    • All other files created using firm templates linked to the file' (with correct permissions)

  • Roll forward files - Users will no longer be able to Roll forward a file into another template. Users can however continue to roll forward their files as follows:

    • Same template as the selected file

    • Firm templates linked to the selected file’s template

  • Clients page - users will now be able to search clients with special characters

  • Read-only - read only users will no longer be able to see the Activity Feeds/file’s activities

  • [AU] Class API - when importing clients via Class API, the clients will now be set as either Individual or Corporate.

  • [AU] SuperMate - Improved error message when failing to import Trial Balance due to missing permissions on clients' SuperMate accounts.

Bug fixes

  • Completion statistics - statistics were displaying incorrectly when Lead Schedules were auto activated after applying Accounting Structure to the Trial Balance. This has now been fixed.

  • Zip export - PDF files within the file’s exported zip folder was no longer displaying the files' name and period. This is now fixed.

  • P&L/BS print - UI has been updated so that the print view for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets are not displaying correctly.

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