Audit Plan and Completion Report Not Linking

Audit Plan and Completion Report not linking


On a rare occasion, you may enter your completion report to be greeted with a message advising that “The Completion Report requires that at least one Audit Plan exists in your engagement file”, which may leave you scratching your head as you know you have just been filling the B33 out.

This error is usually caused due to copying in a new Audit plan into the file from another file/template. You just did not know the other originally Audit plan was replaced with another and then hidden in the background of the working paper index.

To fix this issue, follow the below steps.

Go into the Working Paper Index and click Options > Show Inactive Workpapers;


Most of the time, you will find a back-up folder hiding at the bottom of your working paper index. Inside this you will likely find a hidden version of the B33. (In cases that you have no Back-up folder, check the B folder for the duplicate B33)

Hover over the duplicate B33 and a cog will appear to the right hand side. Click the cog and you will see a grey delete button. Delete the workpaper. (If no cog appears or you cannot press the delete button, please 1. Ensure the B33 has no sign-offs attached to it. If so, enter the duplicate and remove the sign-offs from the top of the forms and try again. 2. Ensure you have permissions to delete workpapers, you may need someone within the firm with correct permissions levels to check this and either give you the permission or action for you)

Once you have deleted the duplicate B33, re-enter the B22-1 and the figures should now be pulling through. (If the same message still appears, please recheck for any other hidden B33’s)





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