Zip Folder Upload

Zip Folder Upload

You can now upload a .zip folder directly into your file. This give you the ability to upload multiple supporting documents at once into either the same folder or multiple.

(Please be aware, there is a 24mb limit per zip folder)

 To upload a zip folder, firstly you will need to go into your Working Paper Index and click the “Upload Zip Folder” button;

You will then be prompted to Locate you zip folder and hit the upload button;

Once uploaded, you will see the contents of the zip folder appear;

From here, you can either set a default folder for all the supporting documents to be sent to. Just ensure you hit the tick next to “File Name”, which will select all files, then select the default folder and hit the “Bulk Send Documents to WPI” button;

Alternatively, if your supporting documents need to go into different folders, you need to ensure the supporting documents are ticked and to the right, you can manually select which folder they are required to go into, via the drop down box. Once you have sorted this, you once again hit the “Bulk Send Documents to WPI” button to complete the upload;





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