Help Centre: How to Split-Screen Tab or Multi-Tab (viewing multiple tabs at the same time)

When using MyWorkpapers there are many times where being able to view multiple tabs at the same time can come in handy.

 An example of this is when cross-referencing from the B11 – Planning Checklist.

  1. Open an additional tab within the browser you are working and go to MyWorkpapers.
  1. Once you have opened MyWorkpapers on your additional tab , hover you mouse over the tab; 

  1. Once you over the tab, you can now push in your left mouse button and drag it away from the top taskbar; 

  1. Once you have the tab dragged off the top taskbar you can proceed to drag it to either the far left edge or right edge of the screen. Once at either side, you will see a blurred box displaying how the tab will take place on the screen; 

  1. Once this appears you can stop holding the left mouse button and drop the tab into place. This will now take the place of the blurred box and open menu on the opposite side showing options of what can take up the remainder of the screen;

  1. Simply choose the other tab you wish to have open and it will take up the remaining space on your screen;


Please note: This is the same for every browser not just Google Chrome like in the images.






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