05/2022 - v22.4.0 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Roll forward: Client search field will now display the Client ID against the relevant Client name. This will allow end users to select the appropriate client where they have multiple clients with matching names.

  • Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet: UI fixes

Bug fixes

  • Workflow diagram: Import feature issue has now been fixed.

  • Copy workpapers: search filter fixed for periodic files

  • Clients: “Default templates” dropdown was missing Industry templates from the list. This is now resolved.

  • Workflow Manager: External Firms are no longer displaying in Workflow Manager as a Client

  • Clients import: Client CSV import was failing to pull in the "Client type". This has now been resolved.

  • Periodic files: When rolling forward a parent file (Year End or Exempt), the Monthly/Quarterly files of the previous file had its Accounting Structure re-applied - resulting in duplicate Lead Schedules. This issue is now resolved.

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