MyWorkpapers Excel document Data fields

Data fields can be used to auto populate your firm or client information into your excel documents. 

For example, you can create an Excel worksheet that provides information of your Clients, File's year end date, as well as key values from your Trial Balance or Accounting Structure.

To create your own excel templates with data fields, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new excel worksheet (desktop mode)
  2. From the "Formula" tab, open the "Name Manager" feature
  3. You will now be able to add the available data fields appropriate to your file. Please see Datafield prefixes section below to add the relevant datafields from MyWorkpapers into your excel document.
  4. Once you have all the datafields available in your Excel file, you can start adding them into your worksheets where appropriate
  5. To add the datafields into your worksheet cells, simple type the following: =MWP 
    This will display list of all available datafields in your excel file
  6. Once you have completed updating your excel file, save your document.
    The excel document must be saved in .XLSX format
  7. You can now use this document as part of your Firm Template or you can add the document directly into your Client's file.
  8. Once you have uploaded the document in your file, simple click on the "Apply Data Fields" button.
  9. Your worksheet will now pull in all relevant information

Datafield prefixes:

Each Name Manager must have the "Name" (datafield) and the "Refers to" (cell name) fields added.

  • "Name" - must have a correct set of prefix for the datafield import to work. 
  • Refers to: This is the name that appears in your worksheet cell before the datafield is applied. You can use any words to describe your datafield but it must be added between the quotation marks. Example: ="Name here"

Below is a guide on adding MyWorkpapers datafields using set prefixes:
Note: You can also use an example template to help you start your excel datafields journey (see attached template below). 

  1. To add a Client Name as datafield into your excel worksheet, add a new name manager with the following details:
    • Name: MWP.client.client_name
    • Refers to: ="{{Client name}}" (example)
  2. To add the File's Year End Date as datafield into your excel worksheet, add a new name manager with the following details:
    • Name: MWP.file.audit_period_date
    • Refers to: ="{{Audit period date}}" (example)
  3. To add the Reference of your excel workpaper as datafield into your excel worksheet, add a new name manager with the following details:
    • Name: MWP.file.file_workpaper_reference
    • Refers to: ="{{WP ref}}" (example)
  4. To add values from the Trial Balance, the prefix (Name) starts with: MWP.tb.
    You can pull in "Initial", "Final" and "Prior Year" values from the file's trial balance.
    • Initial datafield prefix: MWP.tb.initial.<account code>
    • Final datafield prefix:<account code>
    • Prior year datafield prefix:<account code>

Example document:


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