06/2022 - v22.5.0 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Data fields on Excel workpapers - Datafields are now available in excel documents! Users will now be able to pull in the firm, client or file information into their excel workpapers with a simple click of a button. Check out our help guide on how to create excel documents for your own files and/or firm templates.

    • Note: A new section “Excel connect/Datafield values” has been enabled in Excel document type workpapers. This section displays key values that are part of the excel worksheet. A new feature “Excel connect” will allow users to display the key values from the excel workpaper into other workpapers in the file. We are working on a guide to help you use this feature.

  • Working Paper Index updates:

    • Multiple progress bars - users will now be able to view up to two progress bars

    • UI/UX improvements (customisable progress bars feature)
  • Workflow Manager:

    • Default Filters - users will now be able to set their filters as default view

    • File numbers - a column has been added in the Workflow Manager table to assist with users being able to identify their files

  • UI/UX improvements (completion progress bar feature)

Bug fixes

  • Copy workpapers and Workflow Diagram: search filter issues have been fixed

  • Independent Examination template: B13-2 workpaper procedure count issue fixed

  • Periodic files - Rolling forward a parent file was duplicating Accounting Structures in the periodic files. This has been resolved for new files.

  • Comments: issues with saving comments with special characters into text fields have been fixed.


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