09/2022 - v22.6.0 Release notes

MyWorkpapers is pleased to announce the following updates made on our platform.


  • Excel connect feature:

    • A checkbox has been added for all excel document workpapers to enable the excel connect feature for relevant documents

    • Excel connect can now be enabled on individual excel document workpapers within the firm templates

  • Datafields - External firm addresses are now available to be added as multi-line address within the word documents

  • Workflow Manager - file creation UI/UX improvements

  • Minor UI/UX updates

Bug fixes

  • Intermittent bug: Comments not being saved when using with the special characters < and > - issue has now been fixed

  • Advanced options on roll forward is now working as expected

  • Client portal - uploading supporting document issue is now fixed

  • Tickmarks added in firm settings was also being added as assertions - issue fixed

  • [UK]: Audit files: PF1-8 Accounting estimate rows failing to roll forward has been fixed

  • Word datafields: Multi-line addresses were not being added as expected - this is now fixed with the latest template

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