Audit | SMSF (Australia Only)

This section guide you through some of the specific workpapers and functionality which is unique to the MyWorkpapers SMSF SMSF 5.0 and SMSF 4.0 workpaper packs.

SMSF 5.2 Content Pack

SMSF 5.0 Content Pack

Customiser - SMSF (Australia Only)

Importing and mapping the Trial Balance - SMSF Audits (Australia Only)

A2 Audit Program (Australia Only)

B1 - Preliminary Engagement Activities (Australia Only)

B4 – Audit Strategy (Australia Only)

B5 Materiality (Australia Only)

B7 Risk Assessment (Australia Only)

How to access Administrator Portal and Queries (Australia Only)

SMSF 4.0